• The SmartBoard

    The hangboard is equipped with strength sensors that enables you to test yourself and quantify your training.

    The fingerboard

    Dual material

    • The plastic section has two ergonomic jugs.
    • The holds of the wooden part are designed to accurately test your fingers' capacities.

    The tablet and app

    The tablet includes an app that guides your training

    • Based on scientific data and climbing knowledge.
    • Evaluation tests give you access to your own physiological climber profile.
    • Other exercises to help your training.
    • Create your personal training sessions and exercises.

    The sensors

    Measure the force you apply on the board

    • The SmartBoard is equipped with force sensors making it unique.
    • The force applied on the hold is measured in real time.
    • Force data is transmitted by the sensors to the app via a Bluetooth connexion.
  • Order your SmartBoard

    • Full package
      Sensors + Fingerboard + Tablet + Tablet support
      €3290 ex-tax
    • Essential package
      Sensors + Fingerboard + Tablet support
      €2990 ex-tax 

  • The SmartBoard protocol

    Identify your physiological profile

    Adapt your training


    The evaluation tests

    Two exercises measure your physiological profile from the data received by the sensors​.

    • Maximal finger strength
    • Stamina
    • Endurance
    • Arm's max power
    • Power to weigth ratio
    • Arms' energetical capacity

    Specific trainings

    Train according to your goals and profile

    • Use the predefined exercices
    • Program your own exercices
    • Imagine and create your own training sessions
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  • History & publications


    Created to help your training

    • Developed over 5 years in the ISM CNRS bio-mechanics laboratory at the university of Aix-Marseille in France, in partnership with SATT Sud-Est France.
    • Adopted by the French Climbing Federation (FFME) in April 2019 to contribute to the training of the national team. 
    • Available now!

    Scientific publications

    Published & patented

    • Scores developed and validated from the scientific work of Dr Vigouroux.
    • The articles are available here.

    Links & media

    About us...

  • The SmartBoard team

    Climbing, training and technology enthusiasts

    Laurent Vigouroux

    Researcher in Biomechanics and physiology.
    Specialized in the function of the arm, the forearm and the arm.
    Passionate climber.


    Jérôme Delachanal

    Electronics and industrial computing engineer.

    Tireless innovator.


    Clément Lechaptois

    MA of theoretical mechanics.

    National route setter.

    Rockclimber, ex-competitor.